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Item No. NE4367

Tamglass glass toughening plant - Photo 1

Photo 2

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Category :

Glass Machinery

Type :

Glass Toughening Plant

Make :


Model :

HTF Pro e Combi Convection 2448

Descripton :

Complete glass toughening line: Tamglass HTF Pro e Combi Convection 2448, 2500mm wide.
Built and installed in 2001.
Twin heating chamber: Twin quench/cooling sections with single load and un-load conveyors.
Preheating chamber: Full recirculation convection, max temperature is 450°C.
Main heating chamber: Radiation top and bottom with top only compressed air convection.
Quenching and Cooling sections: Fed via two 315 kW belt driven fans. Fan 1 has twin windings with both 315 and 90kW, with 90kW run via an ABB ‘low speed inverter drive’. Fan 2 is coupled via ducting to enable the air to be used in either quench or after cool sections. The 90kW low speed inverter is used for toughening 15 & 19mm glasses and heat strengthening 4 to 6mm. Fan 2 would only be used in the quenching section where pressures about 4,000 Pascals are required (i.e. toughening 4mm or high-stress 6mm).
Thickness Range: 4 to 19mm.
Glass types are all, with the exception of Silvered Coated glasses — machine would need upgrading in the main heating chamber to toughen glasses with these coatings.

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Location :


Contact :

Barnaby Lambert

Telephone :

07960 020795

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