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Item No. NE5089

Thorwesten PBZ-1 CNC machining centre - Photo 1

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Sawing & Machining Centres

Type :

CNC Machining Centre

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We are advertising on behalf of someone else, the Thorwesten PBZ-1 CNC profile machining centre, for processing plastic profiles used in window and door production. Drilling operations in PVC profile with or without steel reinforcement. Milling operations only in the PVC profiles.
According to the Thorwesten website:

You build windows and doors – we build machines that transform your workshop into a hub of efficiency and profitability. Our Profile Machining Centre PBZ optimises your profiling work-flows. All steps in the profile machining sequence are completed in one pass: milling, drilling and screwing together. The centrepiece of the system is the rotary tool drum which can be freely positioned so as to enable the scanned profile to undergo all working steps with precision and ensure that it can be removed from the outfeed magazine fully machined. Thanks to years’ worth of experience we are continually developing new time- and cost-saving details, meaning that with this model you can process window and outer door profiles with state of the art methods.

The Profile Machining Centre has a modular and clear design. Less space requirement, easy maintenance and good accessibility from all sides are just some of the key features. During the production process all that is required is for the profile bar to be identified by the integrated scanner and verified once it has been loaded. On the full-HD operating panel you receive on-screen guidance in your language with easy-to-understand menus.

The Profile Machining Centre stands for efficiency in manufacture. Our all-round genius system enables the versatile processing of plastic profiles in all standard profile lengths – both in window and outer door production. Whether optimised on the basis of a program, where necessary a mixture of programs, profiles or orders, commissions or for individual items: with the freely-programmable tong position any profile cross-section can be processed without any time needed for retooling. The only other task is to load and remove the profile – the profile is transported automatically via a infeed magazine and an outfeed magazine – that and selecting the profile data via a scanner. Profile identification guarantees a precision execution of the defined processing steps. The speeds are individually configurable.

Machining profiles for plastic windows -
  • Screw fitting of aluminium-/steel reinforcements with automatic screw feeding
  • Drainage groove/hole drilling
  • Forced ventilation groove/hole drilling
  • Dowel hole boring
  • Transom hole drilling on frames
  • Metal fitting hole drilling on frames/transoms
  • Corner hinge boring on sash
  • Corner bearing boring on frames/transoms
  • Stay bearing hole boring on frames/transoms
  • Olive hole drilling
  • Roller shutter guide bar nipple boring
  • Weatherboard boring
Machining profiles for outer doors -
  • Lock case milling grooves
  • Handle hole boring
  • Locking cylinder hole/groove boring
  • Hole boring for parallel slide and tilt fittings incl. guide rails
  • Complete machining of lifting, sliding and folding systems
  • Milled pockets on door frames/transoms
  • Band holes on sashes/door frames/mounting posts
  • Carrying loop hole boring on door frames/transoms
  • Electrical opener hole/groove drilling
  • Weatherboard boring
  • Special machining
The machine is located in Holland and all sales/collections/warranties (if any) would be with the seller that we would put you in contact with.

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Contact :

Rudi Halfmann

Telephone :

01302 884392 or 07973 890897

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(Please mention WinMart when you contact the vendor)