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Item No. NE6552

Schtec SVMC 120 CNC sawing and machining centre - Photo 1

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Category :

Sawing & Machining Centres

Type :

Sawing and Machining Centre

Brand :


Model :

SVMC 120

Descripton :

The SVMC120, 14 servo-axis machining and sawing centre is new to the UK market, based on the tried and tested platform SMC350 machining and sawing centre. Schtec have over 400 machining and sawing centres in production globally.

The SVMC120 is a modified version of the SMC350, with a 4-axis routing portal. This comprises of high-speed routing motors, utilising 5mm and 8mm (profile specific cutters available) cutters at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. In addition, it has 3 servo-driven angle router motors with 5mm cutters for rebate drainage operations, enabling it to produce all standard preps in uPVC profiles required for the UK market.

The routing portal has independent clamping that moves in conjunction with the axis and has a 1000mm stroke. As such, any sequence of routing preps within the axis movement can be performed without shunting the profile, whilst allowing concurrent sawing operations. In addition, the 8mm cutters, top and bottom, can machine simultaneously for parallel routings. This allows the processing V and Y notching, plus arrowhead and mitre cutting, whilst the routing portal is machining, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

The traditionally difficult issue of small Z and T transom arrowhead distortion is addressed with a rear rebate support, as well as a newly designed double clamping system for all sawing operations. This stabilises both the bevel and rebate. In addition, the machine is equipped with profile specific, software controlled, variable clamping pressures on each of the horizontal clamps.

The through-put of the machine is approximately 110 x 14-piece (top over fixed, next to a side light) windows in an 8 hour shift, at 100% efficiency. This compares with a Schirmer tandem line running at 100% efficiency of 175 x 14-piece windows, and yet the Schtec centre is well under 1/3 of the price.

Video links for the machines on which this model is based:
View video 1:
View video 2:

Standard features of the SVMC120 include:

  • Infeed magazine, 11 pieces can be loaded on the machine. (Max. length 6.5m.)
  • Simultaneous optimization on the machine allows the machine to self-optimize on the waste profiles, this can be switch between FDS control and machine control
  • Height and width detection to ensure correct profile is loaded
  • New design of loading station allows profiles to be loaded simultaneously, this feature increase the efficiency of profile changeovers
  • The 4-axis routing portal comprises of 11 high speed routing motors utilising 5mm and 8mm cutters at 0 ,90, 180 and 270 degrees plus 3, servo-driven angle router motors with 5mm cutters for multiple profile suites with different rebate drainage angles. This allows the SVMC120 to produce all preps in PVC profiles such as drainage, spot marking, euro-cylinder holes, night vents, hinge holes, handle holes, euro groove routing etc.
  • Highly efficient simultaneous routing operations on 4-axis routing portal, allowing machining from the top and bottom concurrently for door handles and night vents etc.
  • All angles between 30 - 150 degrees are cut with 0.1 degree accuracy with servo axis controlled 500 mm diameter saw
  • Newly designed double clamping system to stabilise both the bevel and rebate with individual clamps and profile specific software controlled variable clamping pressures on each of the 4 sawing clamps
  • Software controlled transom support for Z & T profiles
  • Private HMI software developed by Schtec Software Department allows different kinds of window design program data files to be uploaded on machine, fully compatible with established UK software BM and First Degree
  • All alarms and machine faults are displayed on HMI along with solutions
  • 15" touch screen and high-performance industrial PC with Windows Embedded system
  • Industrial PC based servo control system (Beckhoff)
  • Online diagnostic and troubleshooting via user friendly interface
  • File transfer by USB or ethernet network and remote desktop connection by Wi-Fi or ethernet connection
  • Central lubrication system reduces the time spent for maintenance
  • Scrap conveyor under saw and extraction ports on all saw blade cowls
  • Capacity 100-110 frames per 8 hour shift depending on complexity (timings based on 14-piece top over fixed next to a side light) - approximately 1 piece every 18.6 seconds
For further details, view technical specification here.

Age :

Brand New

Price :

Price On Application

Location :

West Yorkshire

Contact :

Andy Worroll

Telephone :

07902 352133

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